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Bee brioche stitch

This page includes my entire collection of my favorite Knit Stitch Patterns. Start browsing and enjoy! Studio Knit. This Wide Basket Weave Stitch Knitting Pattern easily creates an interwoven illusion using knits and purls with different widths of textured strips. Blocked Stockinette The Seeded Rib Stitch Pattern creates thick, textured rows. This Basket Loop Stitch Knitting Pattern is an easy pattern that creates a textured illusion of looping interwoven rings atop a background of vertical The Seersucker Stitch Knitting Pattern creates textured rows of puckered diamond shapes edged with stockinette ridges.

This 6-Row This 2-Row Repeat Knit The Long Raindrops Stitch Knitting Pattern creates a reversible pattern of elongated, vertical lines resembling a rainy downpour.

bee brioche stitch

This pattern is created by knitting The Parallelogram Stitch Pattern creates a modern texture of interconnecting diagonal angles. It is perfect for beginners with this simple combination of knits and Beginning knitters can create a wide variety of The Double Fleck Stitch Knitting Pattern creates simple rows punctuated with two little diagonal seed stitches.

The 7x3 Flat Rib Stitch Pattern has seven wide stitches of stockinette separated by three narrow garter ribs. The Beaded Rib Stitch Pattern is a vintage design of ribbing rows separated by little seed stitches for additional texture and lies flat.

Design a bold texture with a simple combination of knits This Tile Squares Stitch Knitting Pattern creates blocks of Stockinette separated vertically with a rib of Seed Stitch and a horizontal ridge of purls This Cut Diagonals Stitch Knitting Pattern creates a bold horizontal texture that is perfect for beginners with this simple combination of knits and purls This simple combination of knits and purls This Pennant Pleating Stitch is an easy design of overlapping vertical columns of interlocking triangles in Garter and Stockinette textures.Have you given brioche stitch knitting a try yet?

Brioche stitches produce a lofty, ridged fabric where pronounced columns of knit stitches appear to float on the surface above purl troughs. Brioche belongs to a family of stitches that rely on slipped stitches worked in conjunction with yarnovers. It produces a lofty, ridged fabric that resembles knit 1, purl 1 rib. Pronounced columns of elongated knit stitches appear to float on the surface above purl troughs. The stitch uses a combination of good old knit stitches, as well as slipped stitches that are paired with yarnovers.

Brioche can be worked in the round or flat, and it makes very warm and beautiful garments and accessories. The increases and decreases in brioche knitting are very visible, and they add so much visual interest to the project. Knitting with brioche stitch creates a thick and chunky fabric that is double-sided and warm. It makes a wonderful knit stitch for scarves, cowls, sweaters and more. The ribbed knit pattern it creates feels luxurious when included in your wardrobe.

Learn the brioche stitch in depth with our free e-book download. This download also includes several knitting patterns to help you create your first brioche stitch projects. To get started making your very first brioche stitches, follow the simple steps included below. By Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark Begin your journey with this pretty cowl pattern.

If you want to learn to knit brioche stitch in the round, this simple cowl is the perfect introduction. By Katy Ryan In this sleeveless, V-necked top, double decreases are used to shape the neckline and armhole at the same time.

The decreases, placed several stitches away from the neckline, tilt the rib lines away from the center allowing them to follow and frame the neckline.

bee brioche stitch

Well-placed increases and decreases are one of the key parts of making brioche beautiful. By Ann Budd In this generous raglan sweater, the body and sleeves are worked in brioche stitch in the round, from the lower edges to the armholes, and then joined and continued as a single piece to the loose, open neck.

Ann shapes the armholes along raglan lines by working double decreases that maintain the integrity of the rib pattern. When the piece comes off the needles, the only seams to sew are at the underarms.

By Lily Chin This pattern is for the intermediate to advanced knitter. The Raised Wale Scarf beautiful to behold on both sides. You must Register or Login to post a comment.

Free Brioche Stitch Knitting Patterns

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bee brioche stitch

Brioche Stitch Basics Knitting with brioche stitch creates a thick and chunky fabric that is double-sided and warm. Begin by casting an even number of stitches.

Slip the first stitch off of your left needle onto your right needle purl-wise while holding your yarn in front of your work. Flip the yarn over the right needle to the back to create a yarnover. Knit one normal stitch. Repeat steps two through four until all of the stitches in the row have been worked.

To begin the pattern row, slip one stitch purl-wise while holding your yarn in front of your work. Make another yarnover. Knit a stitch together with the yarnover.Brioche Stitch is a type of knitting pattern which is worked on by combining various stitches.

It forms a nice ribbed pattern and produces a thick, soft fabric. This knitting pattern is used for making various hand woven articles such as mufflers, scarves, cardigans, blankets and hats.

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You can both crochet it and knit it with knitting needles of any size. The procedure of kitting the stitch is quite difficult as it is an advanced technique. It is one of the most popular stitches around the world as it creates a reversible fabric having two identical sides.

If you are an experienced knitter looking for a unique knitting pattern for making a warm scarf or a baby blanket, Brioche Stitch can be the ideal option for you.

You can learn how to work on this stitch from the step by step instructions given in this article. It is necessary to know all the basic knitting techniques before you can attempt this stitch. Once you are comfortable knitting the basic Brioche Stitch, you can advance to knitting two-colored patterns with it. Following are instructions for working on the basic pattern:.

It is advisable to use double pointed or circular needles for knitting this pattern. They allow you to work on the stitches without turning your work as you can simply slide the stitches to the opposite tip of the needle. You can use either an even or an odd number of stitches for this technique. The procedure varies slightly depending on the number of stitches.

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Cast on loosely an even number of stitches with the main color MC to begin this pattern. Do not turn your work.

bee brioche stitch

There are a number of variations of this knit pattern. These can be worked with different colored yarns and using different needle sizes. Here are the names of a few varieties:. You can make attractive knitted objects like hats using this stitch.

Bee Stitch Knitting Pattern

It is quite simple to knit Brioche Stitch in the round.Free Sweater Knitting Patterns! Trendy sweater knitting patterns forhere you will find free easy knit pullover sweater patterns for women. Please note that all these sweater patterns are free at the time of publication, this may change or vary, if you notice that a link no longer works just drop us a message and we will try to fix that up.

Easy knit pullover sweater pattern. Free knitting patterns for sweaters that are great for beginners and knitters who want to relax with an easy project.

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A classic V-neck sweater, but with the addition of glitter on the edges and lovely decreases at the neck and shoulders. The design is worked in Merci and Arwetta Classic held together for a soft and slightly dense knit, with the addition of Paia for a bit of cheery sparkle. Ronja is a fine blouse in stockinette stitch.

Ronja is knitted across in two pieces. Easy top down sweater knitting pattern in stockinette stitch, knit with Bernat velvet for a silky smooth feel. An great brioche pattern for a modern crop top sweater. Erenia is a delightful and feather light sweater worked in brioche knitting. By working brioche stitch loosely on large needles, you get a very open and delicate almost lace-like look.

Across the front of the design an almost shadow knitting like pattern is created by switching to purled brioche. For an even simpler knit, this pattern can be omitted. This pullover is worked in the round without seams, from the bottom up with a wide hemmed bottom edge and retro hemmed wide collar.

The sleeves are picked up from the shaped armholes which are roomy enough to allow heavier shirts underneath. Comfortable oversized striped sweater free knitting pattern. Modern and easy free sweater knitting pattern. This raglan sweater was designed by Quail Studio. Laura is an incredible soft sweater knitted from three threads Kid Silk. Despite the many threads it is still light as a feather, which makes it extremely comfortable to wear.

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Brioche Stitch

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