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Contract dispute lawyer near me

Clients remain loyal to our law firm because they know that we assign experienced and skilled trial lawyers to handle their legal needs. Our lawyers strive to aggressively protect our clients and resolve client disputes in a creative, cost-effective manner. Our litigation attorneys are recognized for their outstanding work in the legal industry.

Whether you are an individual, startup business, small business, mid-sized firm, or a large corporation, your legal issue will receive the personal attention it deserves. Our litigation department has the experience of a large firm with the personalized attention of a small firm. Our trial lawyers handle a wide range of general litigation mattersincluding business litigation, civil litigation, and commercial litigation.

We have experience in the traditional trial setting, as well as the various methods of alternative dispute resolution which include mediation, binding arbitration, and non-binding arbitration. Our litigation attorneys have experience handling litigation matters involving disputes among stakeholders in partnerships, corporations and limited liability companies. This area of litigation includes complex commercial litigation, enforcing contracts, general business disputes, disputes with customers or vendors, unauthorized use of copyrights and trademarks, unfair competition, disputes with vendors, breach of employment contracts, and non-compete agreements.

Our litigation lawyers handle a broad array of lending and financial disputes involving banking and financial transactions, as well as other business matters involving financial institutions.

contract dispute lawyer near me

This includes software development, computer contracts, software failure, licensing and agreement, and patent or copyright infringement. Our litigation attorneys handle claims of construction defects, construction disputes, construction delays, licensing disputes, construction liens, contract disputes, surety and insurance claims, and contractor disputes.


Intellectual property litigation involves business patents, copyrights, trademarks and trade dress. Our litigation lawyers have experience in cases involving negligence or malpractice claims involving accountants, engineers, architects, medical, and other professionals.

Battaglia Ross can help defend your rights and civil liberties. Our firm handles libel, free speech, free press, freedom of religion and access to public records and meetings cases.

These disputes can result from purchasing stocks, bonds, annuities and other investments from securities from a broker or salesman prior to the sale of a business; the sale of a business opportunity; a loan; or the purchase of notes, bonds or other tangible or intangible property.

Our litigation lawyers also fight unauthorized commercial use. The attorneys at Battaglia Ross represent beneficiaries, personal representatives, trustees and other interested parties in securing the rights of loved ones. Our litigation attorneys handle bad faith claims against insurance companies that have violated standards governing insurance company behavior. We also prosecute and defend appeals in first-party insurance disputes, coverage litigation, and bad faith cases.

Our trial attorneys resolve disputes at mediation by serving as advocates and counselors and representing clients before arbitration panels. We can assist clients in planning for the mediation or arbitration process when drafting contracts and other legal documents.

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Intentional torts include battery, assault, false imprisonment, intentional infliction of emotional distress, trespass to land or chattels, and conversion. Our litigation lawyers handle civil rights and employment matters, civil and commercial federal litigation disputes, criminal matters, appellate filing, financial, banking matters, and tax matters. Contact our experienced litigators at today. Our litigation lawyers will provide a free consultation to review your case.

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No better law firm around. Howard Ross represented me as the top notch lawyer and negotiator only he can be! Aubrey is one of the best of the best.

He was able to get my case taken care of fast. He is straight to the point and very helpful, knowledgeable, and responsible.

Not only was he on point and on top of the case he was also easy to contact and responded quickly.Any of the top-rated contract lawyers you connect with will be available to help with a variety of your contract law related legal needs on-demand or on an ongoing basis.

From contract work, primarily dealing with commercial contracts, agreements, document reviews, drafting, and research, the contract lawyers on UpCounsel can help you with a variety of specialized and general contract law related legal matters. Whether you need help drafting or enforcing a contract, you can easily hire an experienced contract attorney on UpCounsel to help you draft, negotiate, and execute legally-enforceable agreements today.

I work with several attorneys on the platform and there are never surprises I always receive quality legal work at competitive rates that larger firms simply cannot match. We found great attorneys at great prices and were able to focus our resources on improving our business instead of paying legal bills.

contract dispute lawyer near me

UpCounsel solves those problems by being more affordable and helping us find the right lawyer in no time. Zip Code. View Contract Attorneys by States. Alabama Lawyers. Alaska Lawyers.

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Arizona Lawyers. Arkansas Lawyers. California Lawyers. Colorado Lawyers. Connecticut Lawyers. Delaware Lawyers. Florida Lawyers. Georgia Lawyers. Hawaii Lawyers. Idaho Lawyers. Illinois Lawyers.

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Indiana Lawyers. Iowa Lawyers. Kansas Lawyers.

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Kentucky Lawyers. Louisiana Lawyers. Maine Lawyers. Maryland Lawyers. Massachusetts Lawyers. Michigan Lawyers.

Minnesota Lawyers. Mississippi Lawyers. Missouri Lawyers. Montana Lawyers. Nebraska Lawyers.A property dispute is a legal dispute that involves real estate. The property involved could be anything from a vacant lot to a home, deck, condominium, manufactured home, pond, driveway, and other possible elements of real property.

This is a small issue, but has the potential to become a larger problem down the road if it is not corrected. Property disputes can involve just about anyone who has an interest in the real estate in question. For example, most property disputes involve the owner of the property in some way, but they can also involve:. It can be important to keep in mind that cities and municipalities can be part of a property dispute. Cities have the ability to own property, and often have agencies that regulate property or issue building permits such as a city or town planning department.

Often, property disputes that involve cities or municipalities can involve issues of eminent domainwhere the government has the right to take and use property for public purposes.

As we said before, property disputes can range from the small to large, and can vary in their severity. Some common property disputes can include:. Most commonly, when we think of a property dispute, we think of a boundary dispute.

Or perhaps there is a tree located between two homes, and one neighbor wants to cut branches that are arching over her roof—who owns the tree? Other property disputes may become more complicated, especially when you start running into issues questioning ownership.

Usually this means that there is an unresolved claim, a lien, or some other encumbrance on the property that would prevent transfer of ownership from one party to another. Clouds on title are usually found during a title search on the property. For example, a legitimate question about rightful ownership can directly impact an impending sale—if the party who signed the contract to sell the property does not own the property, they have no right to sell!

This serious cloud on title is best handled with the help of an experienced real estate attorney, who can research the chain of title in the county records and determine whether corrective documents need to be prepared and filed with the county or whether a quiet title lawsuit should be initiated to clear up the issue.

Other clouds on title can be smaller. A tax lien from the IRS can be resolved by paying any back taxes that you owe which you can do with or without the assistance of an attorney. Remedies for property disputes often depend on the nature of the dispute and the state where the property is located. Potential remedies include injunctions, judicial sales, monetary damages, and quiet title actions. In some cases, the court may use a judicial sale of the property to remedy the situation.

This is most common in foreclosure situations, where a homeowner has failed to make mortgage payments. Judicial sale also occurs in partition actions, where co-owners of a property no longer want to be co-owners. In a partition actionthe court may order the property sold and the proceeds distributed among the co-owners according to the proportion of their ownership of the property.

Monetary damages are intended to cover any losses you may incur as part of the property dispute. Or, for instance, if a neighbor cuts down one of your treesyou may be entitled to monetary damages like the value of the tree. Quiet title actions are a specific type of lawsuit used to determine legal ownership of a property, and are more common when the chain of title in the public record is incomplete.

contract dispute lawyer near me

It depends on the nature of the property dispute. Sometimes, a dispute can be resolved by just talking to your neighbor and maintaining a good relationship with them. Politeness and respect can go a long way in resolving minor disputes. If it gets to the point where you feel a demand letter is necessary, you can certainly discuss that option with an attorney. However, there are some situations where it is important to consult a qualified real estate attorney right away, especially if someone is trying to claim ownership over your property or there is a genuine issue with title to the property.The fight to end sexual harassment in workplaces is far from over, but the MeToo movement has kickstarted change.

As employment lawyers, we all too often see people who have been pushed to the brink of their mental health at work.

contract dispute lawyer near me

If I said that less than one percent of employees negotiate their contracts, would you be surprised? Employees should be mindful that they may be being monitored, and seek legal advice if you think your privacy is being violated.

If you're still wondering what difference women in senior roles makes to a business, the evidence is clear. While the Fair Work Act entitles women to return to their pre-parental leave job, employers can often find a way around this obligation. We've already seen how easy it is for employers to take advantage of vulnerable workers with a series of high profile exposes.

When workers are paid below minimum wages, they don't earn enough to contribute to tax revenue or spend money in the real economy. The issue of workplace bullying touches many people in the community: the employees caught up in it, their families, friends and colleagues.

The lobbying efforts of powerful business interests have held too much sway in our democracy. A comprehensive rewrite of workplace laws is required. Our team has an outstanding record of achieving terrific outcomes for employees in both the private and public sector. We assist our clients with a combination of strategy, tenacity and compassion.

Call us on to book an initial consultation. At your one hour consult our lawyers will provide advice on your situation, the best action to take, and next steps. This consult is charged at a fixed fee. Are you outside Australia? Employment law Overview Our opinion Our awards Process and fees. Unfair dismissal. Employment contracts.

Public sector. Redundancy entitlements. Sexual harassment. Whistleblower protection and claims. Workplace bullying. Workplace discrimination. Workplace investigations. Opinion Filter by Women's rights Employee rights. Josh Bornstein. Mia Pantechis.At the Law Offices of Paul J. Burkhart, business and commercial litigation is one of our specialties. Litigation covers the process of bringing and pursuing, or defending a lawsuit, and encompasses the entire procedure.

Lawyers for Contracts: Contract Dispute Attorney Near Me

A lawsuit is a case or controversy authorized by law, to be decided in a court of justice, brought by one person or entity against another person or entity for the purpose of enforcing a right or redressing a grievance.

The participants in these proceedings are called litigants while the trial or case is ongoing. Attorneys who represent the litigants in court are referred to as litigators.

Litigation involves many complex legal issues which require knowledge of the law that governs the dispute, as well as the laws governing the procedures to be followed while litigating a case.

Litigation is one way that people and corporate entities resolve disputes. The parties rely on a judge or jury to determine a legal question or matter.

Have a Contract Dispute? Want a Consultation? Call Hablamos Espanol. Contact Us. Paul J. Burkhart visit superlawyers. We Respect Your Privacy.A contract is a legally binding agreement between two parties that details the duties and responsibilities of each party. Contracts may be oral or in writing, although most contracts must be in writing in order to be legally enforceable.

Oral contracts are more challenging to enforce and should be avoided whenever possible. In order for a contract to be enforceable, there are specific requirements that must be met, such as each party exchanging something of value. Additionally, all parties involved in the contract must have a solid understanding of every term included in the contract. They must be in mutual agreement on those terms.

A contract dispute occurs when any party involved in the contract is in disagreement regarding any of the terms or definitions contained within the contract.

Generally, in contract law, contract disputes may involve a breach of contract. Breach of contract refers to an agreement not being kept because one party failed to fulfill their obligation according to the detailed terms of the contract. Contract disputes can generally be categorized as one of two main types of breach:. An example of a material breach would be when one party purchases a house, and the buyer completes all necessary steps to obtain the house. The seller suddenly decides not to sell the house, or refuses to hand over the deed and keys to the house.

This would be considered a material breach of contract because the breach renders the contract completely useless. An example of a minor breach would be if a homeowner contracts an electrician to install a new lighting system with a specific brand of wiring. The electrician installs the lighting, but with a different brand of wiring than what was requested and agreed upon. This is a minor breach because the overall goal of the contract was still accomplished, but not according to specifics.

The best way to avoid a contract dispute is to ensure all parties are in agreement before signing the contract. All parties involved should clearly understand and agree to all terms included in the contract. Any language used in the contract should clearly state the duties of all parties involved in the contract, and any technical words or trade terms should be defined and clarified. Vague or ambiguous terms, or language with multiple meanings, could lead to a dispute later on.

Another way to avoid contract disputes is to continually document any negotiations through writing. Negotiations should be documented each step of the way; this could include keeping track of the history of offers, amount of product, prices, and other important terms.

Doing so can minimize later disputes regarding forgotten contract terms. As previously mentioned, one of the best ways to avoid a contract dispute is to ensure that the contract is in writing. Knowing the goal before entering into any agreement is crucial to avoiding disputes later on. The Contract Dispute Act governs claims involving U. Federal Government contracts and defines various procedures that should be followed if the federal government has any claims against an independent contractor.

An example of this would be if the federal government claims that the contractor committed fraud.

What to Expect When Hiring an Attorney to Review a Contract - Learn About Law

Under the Act, federal claims against the contractor must be submitted for special review, to be conducted by the U. Contracting Office. Claims for contract disputes must be submitted in writing.With that being said,welcome to the m NBA picks and predictions section. Here you will find FREE daily NBA selections against bettingexpert tips basketball the point spread each day from games around the National Basketball Association. Parlay a parlay is a term the Americans use for accumulators and is your chance to win huge from our Baseball tips.

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