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Ganga nadi kaha se kaha tak behti hai

Related Text Messages: Chand se dosti humne todli Chand se dosti humne todli Jab usne hume unki khabar dena chodh di Sitaroin ne ro ke kaha isme chand Hai pyaar karne wala ek chand jaisa Ae chand tu chamak ya na chamak hume usse koi gum nahi, Kyunki hai pyaar karne wala ek chand jaisa Tabhi to suraj mein aag hai Kabhi to ki hogi suraj ne chand se mohabbat Is liye to chand mein daag hai Mumkin hai, ki hogi Chand ki chandni apno ka pyar. Lal gulaabi rang hai, Jhum raha sansar hai, Suraj ki kiran khushiyon ki bahar, Chand ki chandni apno ka pyar, Hamara to chand hi humse dur hai Raat pe aaj noor hai, Kyunki ush chand pe gharoor hai, Hum kis par gharoor karen?

Hamara to chand hi Hey aasman ke chand taro Hey aasman ke chand taro, wah wah Hey aasman ke chand taro, wah wah Zara is sms padhne wale ko Usne Kaha Ke Main nikala gadi le k Santa: Main nikala gadi le k o nadi k kinare, 1 mendak mila uthe maine pucha oye ki sardar pagal Har mukhra chand sa hai Ab talak na khul saka mere ru-b-ru hai kaun, Kisse mulakaatein hai or guf-t-gu hai kaun, Taare hai aashmaan pe Chand sitaaron se kyaa puchhuu chaa.

Nd sitaaro. Yahan kisi ko kisi se mohabat nahi Nigahain milakar badal jane wali, Mujhe tujse koi sikayat nahi, Yeh duniya badi sangdil hai, Yahan kisi ko kisi se Ramzan ka chand…. Zindagi ka har mohra be-rukhi ke rukh par hai, Yeh bisaat ultey gi aik chaal chalne se, Doobta hua suraj Chand se ja milta hai Kehte hai raat hoti hai to suraj jaal ke doob jata hai Nahi yeh galat hai.

Yeh toh mohabbat hai Me ne chand se ik din kaha… Me ne chand se ik din kaha Bta mera mehbob kesa hy Us ne kaha Pehli gal ay k me Chand nazar aya? Aap to chand ho Aap to chand ho jise sab yaad karte hai Aur hamari kismat to taro jaisi hai Humein yaad karna to Chand lamho ki zindgaani hai Chand lamho ki zindgaani hai, Nafraton se jiya nahi karte, Lagta hai dushmano se gujarish karni padegi, Dost aab yaad Ek zid hamari chand pane ki.

Ek adaa apki dil churane ki, Ek adaa apki dil mein bas jane ki, Ek chehra apka chand sa, Ek Chand taroon ka noor aap Chand taroon ka noor aap, Per har koi aap ki chahat ko tarsein, Aap ki zindagi mein itni khushian ke, Chand se pyaari chandni Chand se pyaari chandni, Chandni se pyaari raat, Raat se pyaari zindagi, Zindagi se pyaare aap Eid ka chand mushkil se dikhta hai Eid ka chand mushkil se dikhta hai.

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ganga nadi kaha se kaha tak behti hai

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B'wood celebs pick their favourite Lata Mangeshkar songs

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The Ganga flows for a distance of 2, km, all the way from the Himalayas it begins, officially, at the point—in Devprayag—where its two major tributaries, the Bhagirathi and the Alaknanda, join.

Most devout Hindus consider Gomukh, at the foot of the Gangotri Glacier, where the Bhagirathi arises, as the birthplace of the Ganga. Millions of people live alongside it, millions come from far and wide for a dip in the Ganga. Plus, the songs. Here are ten songs from pres mostly, with one minor exception from Hindi films which mention the Ganga.

In different contexts, to different extents. Ganga aaye kahaan se Ganga jaaye kahaan re Kabuliwala: If I had to pick a favourite Ganga song from cinema, this would be it: a hauntingly gentle one that begins by praising the beauty of the Ganga at sunset, its waves rippling in the play of light and shadow—and then, meanders on to a philosophy: that there are millions in this world, of different languages and different faces.

But, as the Ganga embraces all, so must we. Plus, the picturization is lovely: it focuses very much on the Ganga. A Ganga, too, that is quiet and serene, free of the usual hustle and bustle.

ganga nadi kaha se kaha tak behti hai

The two rivers are celebrated together in everything from traditional Indian stone carving to Hindi proverbs—because their sangam or confluence at Prayag Allahabad is considered so very sacred. No wonder then that Hindi songs do mention in more instances than one the Ganga and the Yamuna in the same breath, naming their union as the greatest love of all.

An easy enough metaphor to transfer to romantic love. As in this song from Baiju Bawrawhere Bharat Bhushan as the legendary singer sings to his very embarrassed sweetheart Meena Kumari of their inevitable union, like the meeting of the waves of the two rivers. In this patriotic if somewhat over -patriotic and unrealistic song about all that is wonderful of India, the country itself is represented by that one image: the country where the Ganga flows.

That may be true only of a part of India, but still. Still, the lyrics do carry on with that same tradition, already seen in Tu Ganga ki mauj main Jamuna ka dhara : that true lovers, like the Ganga and Jamuna, will come together.

Considering the name of the film, and the final scene—plus, to some extent, the theme throughout—those are fitting words. The lyrics, however, are in many ways similar to Hum us desh ke vaasi hainbecause here too, the Ganga is used as a defining feature of India: our patriotic Indian says that the Ganga is his mother, the Himalaya his father: and that is why he is an Indian.

The first couple of verses have some beautifully poetic descriptions of nature, and the locales in which the song is picturized—apple orchards, golden fields, saffron fields, a river rushing by against a backdrop of snowy peaks—are stunning. Machalti hui hawa mein chham-chham Ganga ki Lehren: From a film which was actually named after the Ganga and in which the river played an important parta song from Chitragupta, a music director who is sadly underrated.

And the river dominates the picturization: there it is, with a town spread on its banks, with bridges and bunds, with Kishore Kumar and his cronies in a boat, and with Kumkum and her sahelis on rafts. Kumkum takes centrestage, though, by actually rolling about in the water how uncomfortable that must have been!

And yes, it finally brings us to the first song in this list which addresses the Ganga as the deity she is regarded as by so many millions.

101 Hits of 1960s DVD-3-Disc-Edition-Songs

Majhli Didi was a beautifully sensitive, poignant and lovely little film about the love that develops between an orphaned boy and the chhoti bahu of the household where his step-sister is the badi bahu. In one scene, the little boy repeats, at the request of his new didia song he heard at a jatra the night his mother died.Vokal App bridges the knowledge gap in India in Indian languages by getting the best minds to answer questions of the common man.

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Abhishek Kumar Volunteer. Nikhil Kumar Teacher. Dhiraj Kumar Teacher. Akash Goswami. Karan Singh Rathore Teacher.The film follows the love lives of the members of a musical troupe, in which two dancers played by Madhuri Dixit and Karisma Kapoor compete for the love of a choreographer played by Shah Rukh Khan with Akshay Kumar appearing in a supporting role. The soundtrack was composed by Uttam Singhwhile the lyrics were written by Anand Bakshi.

The film was screened retrospective, during the International Film Festival of India in the Celebrating Dance in Indian cinema section. The film also marked Khan's third film with Chopra after Darr and Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayengeand the third movie to feature Khan opposite Dixit for the third time, after Anjaam and Koylaand Kapoor for the first time. Dil To Pagal Hai is the recipient of several awards. At the 46th National Film Awardsthe film won three awards.

Rahul Shah Rukh Khan and Nisha Karisma Kapoor are members of a massive dance troupe that performs dance-based musical plays. They are the best of friends, although Nisha is secretly in love with Rahul. Rahul announces his desire to direct a musical named Maya. The members of the troupe, including Nisha, have their doubts about the title character, "Maya", who Rahul describes as a girl who believes in true love and waiting for her prince charming who will surely turn up and take her away.

Meanwhile, Pooja Madhuri Dixit is introduced, an amazing dancer, classically trained as well, and passionate about dancing. Having been orphaned at a young age, she has been raised by close friends of her parents. Pooja and Rahul have a string of near-misses as they run into each other time and again. Each of these instances is marked by a tune playing in the background, that registers with Pooja. During rehearsals for the play, Nisha injures her leg and the doctor says she cannot dance for a few months.

Rahul needs a new woman to play the lead role in the play. He comes across Pooja dancing one day and believes she is perfect for the role.

He begs her to come to their rehearsals and she agrees. Rahul and Pooja become close friends. Doted upon by her foster family, Pooja is soon taken to Germany by her guardian's son Ajay Akshay Kumarher childhood best friend who has been in London for months.

Just as Ajay leaves to fly to Englandhe proposes to Pooja. In a dilemma, she ends up accepting it.

माँ गंगा को महृषि जहानु क्यों निगल गए थे, क्या था इसका रहस्य -- BR Chopra Superhit Hindi Serial --

Nisha soon returns from the hospital and is upset that she has been replaced. Upon learning that Rahul loves Pooja, she becomes very jealous of her. Knowing that Rahul does not reciprocate her love, she decides to leave for London.

Throughout rehearsals, Rahul and Pooja find themselves falling for one another. When Rahul drops Pooja home one day, he starts whistling his tune, making Pooja realize that she has fallen for the man with the tune she so often heard. The next day, the two go to meet Pooja's old dance tutor, who Pooja addresses as Tai Aruna Iraniwho figures that the two are blatantly in love. At the wedding of two members of the dance troupe, Rahul and Pooja share an intimate moment but are unsure how to fully express their love.

Rahul is heartbroken but tries not to show it.

ganga nadi kaha se kaha tak behti hai

Nisha, who has returned, notices Rahul's devastation and explains how she too was devastated when he did not love her in return. Rahul edits the end of the play to reflect his heartbreak, in contrast to his usual style of always giving a happy ending. On the night of the premiere, as Rahul and Pooja's characters are about to break up on stage, Ajay plays a recorded tape Pooja was going to send him before his proposal where she described how she felt about Rahul.Ganga — the most sacred river in India.

It is to India what Nile is to Egypt. A lifeline. It has all the importance — be it geographical, mythological, historical, aesthetic.

Dj gaurav kashipur

Even if it so, sadly it happens to be one of most polluted rivers in world. Ironically we refer her as an embodiment of sacredness Ganga jaisi pavitra. Is there a connection between these 2 films, apart from the name, Ganga?

Celebrities pick their favourite Lata Mangeshkar songs

He met a sadhu there who told him a story about Sri Ramkrishna Paramhansa and Totapuri, a saint from Rishikesh. The story — Once it happened that Ramkrishna Paramhansa met this saint from Rishikesh named Totapuri. They met at a point where the Ganga river was the filthiest and dirtiest. As she flows down from Gangotri to Rishikesh, Benaras and then here, she does nothing but washes away the sins of human beings.

Hence the title of the film does not refer to Lord Rama Ram as is the general idea, but it refers to Ramkrishna Paramhansa. What better example do we have as to why Raj Kapoor is called the Showman!!!

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The title track at the beginning credits by Suresh Wadkar give you an account of this story. Uttar mein behti hai kaisi nirmal dhara Purab mein rang badal gaya bani jalti dhara Ramkrishna ko Totapuri ne taana maara Ram teri Ganga maili, maili.

The story written by Raj Kapoor thus tells us that Ganga is not polluted by just the garbage and the filth thrown in her expanse but also by the human evil she sees through the flow course.

It is about the story of Ganga, a girl Mandakini as the metaphor for the river Ganga. She travels via Rishikesh, Benaras and finally Calcutta.

Ganga, the blue eyed girl, pure and beautiful.

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In love with Naren, who is a visitor to the mountains. Her love for him is as pure as herself.Delhi ke nikat nadi mein, yeh adhiktam gaharaai 68 feet 20 meter hai.

Agra mein, yeh gaharaai 3 foot hai 1 meter. Delhi ke laakhon nar-naariyon ki aavashyakta ki poorti karte hue aur vahaaain ki dheron gandagi ko bahaati hui yeh okhala naamak sthaan par pahuainchati hai. Delhi se aage yeh Haryana aur uttar pradesh ki seema banaati hui tatha Haryana ke Faridabad jile ko uttar pradesh ke Ghaziabad jile se alag karti hui uttar pradesh mein pravaahit hone lagti hai. Mathura yamuna ke tat par basa hua ek eesa aitihaasik aur dhaarmik sthaan hai, jiski deerghakaalin gaurav gaatha prasiddh hai.

Mathura mein yamuna par do pakke pul bane hain jinmein se ek par relagaadi chalti hai tatha doosare par sadak parivhan chalte hain.

Mathura nagar ki dakshini seema par ab gokul bairaaj bhi nirmit karaaya gaya hai jiska uddeshya braj ke bhoomigat jal ke star ko pun: vaapis laana aur braj ki upajaaoo bhoomi ko adhikaadhik sinchit karna hai. Mathura se aage yamuna ke tat par baayeen or gokul aur mahaavan jaise dhaarmik sthal hain tatha daayein tat par pehle Aurangabad aur uske baad farah jaise gram hain.

Agra jile mein pravesh karne par nagala akos ke paas iske paani se nirmit keetham jheel hai, jo sailaaniyon ke liye badi aakarshak hai. Agra mein yamuna tat par jo imaaratein hai, mugal baadashaahon dvaara nirmit kila aur taaj mahal paryatakon ke nimitt atyaadhik prasiddh hain.

My 5 favourite songs by Lata Mangeshkar

Agra nagar se aage yamuna ke ek or firojaabaad aur doosari or fatehabaad jila aur tahaseel sthit hai. Agra mein yamunaatat par taaj mahal.

DelhiMathuraAgraitaavakaalapi. AllahabadBhaarat.

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